Schedule & Workshops at Summer Art Retreat


The Schedule for Camp ArtSeen
Summer Art Retreat, July 24 – 26, 2015

Your $795 registration fee really is all inclusive. Your spot in each workshop is guaranteed, as well as a place at the table. Instructors and Camp ArtSeen staff will be with you every step of the way. All you have to do is show up ready to collaborate and create!


11am – 1pm
Arrive at Camp ArtSeen, and start having fun! Settle into your cabin or tent, and wander through the astounding offerings of Camp Wildwood’s 200 acres. Take a swim, grab a snack, and meet fellow campers as they arrive.
Welcome workshop – Introducing artists and activities
3pm – 6pm
Second workshop – Hands-on workshops begin! See descriptions below
7pm – 8pm
Dinner with your fellow campers.
8pm – 11pm
Guest lecture, documentary, stargazing, and fun with fellow campers.


7am to 8am
Early morning yoga
7:30am – 9am
Breakfast with new friends
9:30am – 12:30pm
Hands-on workshops
12:30pm – 1:30pm
1:30pm – 4:30pm
More workshops
4:30pm – 7pm
Free time and one-on-one sessions with instructors
7pm – 8pm
Dinner together
8pm – 11pm
Bonfire, camp games, and groovy tunes – with adult beverages!


7am – 8am
Early morning yoga
7:30am – 9am
Breakfast together
9am – 11am
Group art show on the patio
Noon – 2pm
One-on-one meetings with workshop instructors, pack up, share contact information with your new best friends.
Check out and return to “civilization.” 

Workshops at Camp ArtSeen’s upcoming Summer Session

Campers are invited to explore every workshop offered at Camp ArtSeen. Our schedule provides ample time to experience the varied offerings, as well as time for personal reflection.

Working in the Woods with Amy Berk

Using the wealth of natural resources found among the beautiful redwoods in Guerneville, students will explore the landscape as they conceive of and complete two different and distinct projects. In both, participants will research available materials; working in three dimensions; and bringing their sculptural visions into reality.

Amy is a San Francisco-based artist and educator who has worked with all kinds of
students from elementary-school-aged to the elderly and loves to explore various
places, materials and ideas with all of them!










Untamed Writing with Suze Allen

Unleashing your authentic self through journaling, memoir in the natural world

The pen can be a machete carving a trail through life’s overgrown jungle. Writing is a simple but mighty tool that is accessible, inexpensive, and immediate. A daily practice keeps you sane, centered and creative.

The physical act of writing, without over-thinking allows your brain to empty into your hand and onto the page, seamlessly.

Writing captures a happy time, soothes an angry heart, releases you from struggle, plumbs the depths to remember who you are, offers clarity in an overwhelming moment, charts a course of action, serves as a record of where you’ve been, or creates a goal to orient you to your internal Guiding Star.

Learn techniques to get you writing your micro story effortlessly.  Find balance and creativity through a series of writing prompts, exercises, oral writing, free writes, readings, and forays into the inspirational beauty of Guerneville .

Untamed Writing instructor Suze Allenredwoods








Mural Painting with Kelly Ording

This year at Camp Art Seen we will explore some of the history, progression and future of murals and street art with muralist Kelly Ording.  Painting on public walls dates back to roughly 35,000 years ago as the first “muralists” painted stencils of his or her hands in caves.  This tradition of trying to communicate with others through paint on a wall endures to this day, more vibrant and experimental than ever.  We will discuss how the meaning and necessity of murals has changed over time based on the the religious, political and social climate at the time of creation.

We will then have the opportunity to paint our own mural at Camp ArtSeen.  Based on our discussion of the unlimited styles and possibilities of murals, we will paint our own personal icons, “tags” or painting style on the wall.  No matter your experience as an artist, you will get the opportunity to paint outdoors, experiment with a new medium and go beyond your normal size and scale.
Let’s get outside and paint!

Kelly’s work can be spotted around the Bay Area from Facebook headquarters to the 24th St corridor in the Mission District.

Kelly Ordin greenKelly's study



 Past workshops from Camp ArtSeen

Small Sculpture Casting with Erik James

Cuttlefish bones are inexpensive, easy to carve, and can withstand high temperatures. This makes them ideal for metal casting. In sculptor Erik James’ creative arts workshop, campers learned the ancient technique of cuttlebone casting, carving their original designs into cuttlebones and casting molten metal into one-of-a-kind pendants and totems.


Brushes with Nature – painting and drawing with John Stuart Berger  & Stacey Vetter

Berger and Vetter teamed up to guide students through experimental painting and drawing exercises using water and ink. They shared their passion for capturing the essence of still life objects from the natural world while focusing on specific techniques related to water media.

IMG_4366 PaintHand

Ford Crull – muralist

Muralist Ford Crull shared his love of symbols and painting to guide campers through a collaborative mural project. The stunning mural now lives permanently on one of the buildings at Wildwood Retreat Center, where visitors can enjoy it for decades to come.