Camp ArtSeen: Summer Art Retreat for Adults in the California Redwoods

Creativity. We all have it. We  often use it in our daily lives, but sometimes we lose touch with the creativity that is most important to us. Those things we find truly exciting.

What if you could combine the inspiration of art, the beauty of nature, the camaraderie of like-minded makers, and jump start your creative engine?

You can, at Camp ArtSeen, the annual, all-inclusive art retreat in the stunning Redwoods of Northern California. It’s like art school, without the tests, and without the competitive application process.

Camp ArtSeen is a three day weekend art retreat that invites you to tap into your creative side and express yourself using a variety of techniques. In past years, we have carved cuttlebones to cast metal, explored watercolor techniques, painted a mural together, and praised each other’s work at a group art show. Along the way we’ve made new friends, discovered new talents, and rekindled our passion for self expression, all while basking in the dappled sunlight that streams through the sequoias, maybe playing Marco Polo in the pool, and sharing organic, gourmet meals with newfound friends and collaborators.

Camp ArtSeen recently expanded to include semi-monthly mini art retreats in San Francisco that last a few hours or a full day. Join us for fun classes like jewelry making, freehand drawing, or upcycled gift making, and get a taste of what to expect at Camp ArtSeen’s 3-day weekend art retreat in the Redwoods.

Register now to save your spot at Camp ArtSeen 2015, July 24, 25, 26.